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I’ve recently lost access to my main account and I have 4 days to complete the season pass so I’m begging and hoping blizzard responds to my ticket in time it will take me 2 days to complete it. They responded within 24 hours or less but I replied and it’s taken 2 days. Anyone know the situation on the response time.

Ticket Number: EU85998160

Im going through a similar issues with tickets being handled its been a week since i put a ticket in and no response at all from anyone at blizzard. I hope they respond to yours soon

@mxxn69 - Hello:

There are no statistics available, as far as I know, on ticket wait times in Europe; judging from the posts of players like you who have lost access to their account because of hacking or other reasons, the wait time to recover one’s account is about 2 weeks.

For example, a poster on the Europe French-language forums lost his account on October 16 and got it back on October 28. Without proper statistics, it is difficult to say if this wait time is typical, fast or slow… but there are many statements from Blizzard that the waiting time “is longer than usual due to the high volume of tickets”.

You will need to be patient.

Customer support and Dev team are too far disconnected. This company needs to start working together. I’ve waited 2 weeks in a ticket to hear back that I have to post in the forum so the Dev team can see the issue.
I opened my ticket back at the beginning of Nov.
Enjoy waiting!
Maybe we should all pick a new company to support. I’d like to point out Nintendo and Amazon have gotten back to me within minutes.
Ticket Number: US88054624

4 days and counting waiting for your exact same thing. its like plz i just wanna play the game

Should be down to 5-ish days now so hopefully you come up in queue soon.

7 days and still counting … still not respond

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