This is why Turkish players can't spend money

Dear Blizzard team,

As a Hearthstone player, I love your game. I’m playing it for couple of years now. I have no issues with game but there is one with the payment system. It’s not only for Hearthstone but for all Blizzard payments.

I live in Turkey, and the economic state of Turkey is not in good shape. If you check the exchange rates you can see that right now (21th of May, 2020, 18:33) 1 Euro = 7,45 Turkish Liras. That’s quite high. I really think that you should lock exchange rates at some value like 3 Liras or so just like other gaming platforms such as Steam and Epic Games Store. Because as a student from Turkey, it’s really hard to pay that much money.

You just released Golden Packs for 15€. It might be cheap for European countries but in Turkey, that’s just 111 Turkish Liras. For that amount of money in Turkey, you can buy full games. I really like this game and pay for bundles, but as you can understand it is really hard for me.

Inflation rates are really high in Turkey. 3 years ago, I bought Journey To Un’Goro pre-order bundle for 50€, it was something like 180 Turkish Liras back then. But right now, 50€ is equal to 372 Turkish Liras. You get the point.

Please consider what I’m telling to you, many Turkish players will be so grateful to you if you just lock the exchange rates.

Sincerly, Valonquar. :slight_smile: