This is absolutly the dumbest issue I have ever had

So I want to point out this one important fact anything that was coded to do anything can be coded to fix it right? I am sure there is a safe fall for anything so for bnet and blizzard to say no one can do anything to fix this 365 day unheard of ridiculous attack on innocent gamers in hopes to prevent what exactly? for a game thats free…and you can make 1000x accounts in fifteen mins if you wanted to? I am puzzled as someone who has had this account since before WOTLK and played wow for years with many xfers and faction changes and server changes spent thousands of dollars and to a company that makes how much money a day? prob millions right…it is not that they dont have a fix or cant do anything about it…its they do not care. Plain and simple you dont give a crap…a wow Gm gave me back an item I accidently sold like 10 years ago with no issue for xmog purposes ( the battered hilt wep) but bc my background on the xbox one series x bstayed on even tho my son was logged in too (my first xbox so I had no idea) but bc he was logged in second his controller and my controller exactly the same I picked up his and was able to navigate the menu so when I clicked overwatch for the first time and logged in…it linked my bnet to his account so now what that means for me and diablo 4 I will not get my rewards…for d3 an account I had since day 1 and my wow account since pre wotlk…so guess what…cancel sub for the rest of my life and you can piss off bc I will never play either of those two games on pc again ty. As a major bnet and blizz backer and I have been with yall since warcraft 1 I am tired of the disrespect and the being treated like a peon bc you think your better then me. I made a mistake and now 365 days and my premium rewards wont be had…guess what now I wont be buying the 100 dollar D4 hell I might just play path of exile and say piss on you all togather…I want a full refund of every dime I paid to “keep game running” bc yall cater to wow players and thats all you ever do…anyone on wow can get whatever restart removed char and this and that refunded but you cant even let me link my right xbox account this is insane…down right dumb. I am tempted to look into the legality of this being my personal paid property and you lockin me out of access to it on my xbox for 365 and how legal is this really? that would be like you being my land lord and providing me a garage door and I accidently lock myself out of the garage door
and then you change it but dont give me the key for 365 days that sounds so stupid doesnt it???

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Ok, so the issue is that your Battlenet account is not properly link to your Xbox account. That can be resolved. (EDIT - I see you did this already, and are angry about the cooldown. Leaving it here in case anyone else finds this post and needs the info).

Be VERY careful doing this, because unlinking and linking has cooldowns. Read carefully first. CS can’t reverse cooldowns.

I am not sure what you mean by this. I can think of two scenarios:

  1. You bought D4 Pre-order and want the cross game mounts/cosmetic rewards that come with the more expensive versions but it is linked to the wrong Bnet account. See the instructions for how to change the link above. Or, refund it and buy it again once you have the right account linked. Also note, most rewards are not cross platform. You have to buy the game on each platform you want to play it on.
  2. You did the Early access Beta but it was linked to the wrong Bnet account so you don’t have the wolf pack. You can fix that by linking to the right Battlenet account and playing this weekend in the Open Beta to level 20. As long as the flag for that is attached to the right Bnet account, you should get it. :point_right: OR you can also do it on your PC if you have a PC that can handle it. Just log into your Bnet account and use the launcher to download and play the Open Beta. That gets your Bnet account all the Beta rewards like the titles and wolf pack.

If you want to request refunds, that would be done via ticket and must meet the refund policy requirements

No, really they can’t. GMs are bound by software tool limits, game logs, and policies. IF something does not fit within those, they can’t, and won’t do it.

So this really is all about the account linking cooldown. That is not something CS can change or over ride. You don’t own your Battlenet account, game code, characters, items, or anything else. You pay for a license to access it within the limits of the rules. So yes, it is perfectly legal that cooldowns exist.

You were warned about it before doing it.

You will receive a warning in account management specifying the specific cooldown length when disconnecting an account type that has a cooldown. Customer Support is unable to bypass these cooldowns.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. MVPs do not speak for, or represent, Blizzard.

Miss Cheetah

I am unsure if you are trolling kindly, nor understand the magnitude of this issue, but understand that this is a MAJOR ISSUE, AND DEVS NEED TO FIGURE IT OUT ASAP. I own multiple Xboxes and accounts and can not make a new account to allow my children to play. Therefore, there are a few significant flaws.

You cannot participate in cross-platform play without being connected to your blizzard account.

You cannot register a new blizzard account with the same phone number (due to your child being a minor, what if the kid does not own a cellphone) when you can easily use the same phone number as verification for multiple email accounts.

Partnered with…

Not being able to remove a connected “CONSOLE ACCOUNT” (which is nothing more but an email account soon to be owned by the same company) and not reapply for a new one without waiting (365 Days) seems poorly thought out; why not allow a new account applies before the lockout. (Makes toooooooooo much sense)

Partnered with not having this information PLASTERED ACROSS every FORUM related to Diablo 4 and Consoles is a catastrophe waiting to happen, at least to their $$$$$

Someone like me, willing to spend $$300.00 for three games, can not even do so because the backend system is not prepared to allow people like me to manage their accounts properly to set up for all of these “NEW FIRST TIME CROSS-PLATFORM FEATURES” someone head will roll once the complaints start.

I am hopeful, that they resolve this issue before launch because it’s as easy as changing the numerical value in the code to 0 for the first two months of the game release and then sending out an announcement informing them that the 365-day lockout is returning in place.

Ya I was warned when removing it …no where when I clicked login to on overwatch for the first and only time I ever did it did it say dont do this bc if you do you cannot remove it. The only warning came when removing it. Ty point proven.