Things that NEED to be changed

Here’s a simple list of things I think need to be fixed with the current bnet app

  1. POP OUT FRIENDS LISTS: We miss this. A LOT. People with limited monitor space, should not need a giant application to be open in order to see their friends list.

  2. RESIZING: Make ‘chats and groups’ able to be shrunken. Currently, you can only shrink your entire ‘chats and groups’ pop out to a certain size. Please let us have full customizability with this instead of having to pop out everyone we’re chatting with’s window in order to shrink it to our desired size.

  3. FAVORITES: They’re our favorites for a reason, right? We care about these people the most, and therefore would like to be able to see them when we open the app/view our friends list. We don’t need to see all the people playing a certain game before our favorites. (Yes I realize you can HIDE it, but once you close/restart the app, it is default shown, and just becomes a hassle to keep hiding it.)

Those are the 3 MAIN issues I have with the new bnet app. Since they’re forcing this update on everyone, I hope they will consider making these changes.