Things need to be fixed in game (DI mobile )

drop rate .

drop rate of item is too low after new patches now it take tone of time just to farm a single normal quality item sometimes you have to farm hours and hours in dungeon and still there is no set / green item
developers need to understand we cant give our entire 24h to this game just for few items specially when you level up so fast

class change

class change one of the idiot thing that come in this game because after changing class you wont get any essence item in your new class
you have to farm everything from beginning so you can use the legendry skills buff come with equipment until that time you walk with a character which dont have any skills buff

its same with legendry gems … after spending 2 month as a f2p in game i hardly make few gems up to 5 level but after changing my class i have to work again on gems which is quite stupid

hidden lair

after new patch in game we didnt see any 2nd floor in hidden lair at first a normal lair give you 6 normal gems ( 3 in each floor ) in a day after that drop rate reduce to 5% but now same lair give you 3 gems in a day and a useless heavy chest which has very low drop rate of good item

server change

when you first time install this game , system recommend you a random server to start your game … for old player like me game suggest us server " tree of inifuss " which has very high ping for me specially in battleground
there are many other server which offer me good ping network
i hope developer should bring a system to change server without losing progress atleast once so we can relocate to better server