There's no way to remove the Authenticator

So I had an account, with Diablo III and Overwatch, that I haven’t used in years, I tried to sign in but couldn’t because there’s no way without the Authenticator, I reached support and tried to remove the Authenticator and guess what, I need the Authenticator for it, and I changed the phone that I had the Authenticator , and there’s no way that I will get the codes that I need.
I tried to reach to any moderators but there isn’t any option like it used to. I hope that with this I can reach at least one.
Excuse my english, but as there’s no other way, the forum was the only thing that could make a voice.

Good evening! There is a way to navigate the ticket system without an Auth.

It requires clicking the option to continue with out logging in. It will also require Govt Issued ID in your name that matches the registered account name.

There are specific guidelines for that here

In the future - the Mobile Auth has the ability to port it to a new phone you get or to restore it if you have a software reset. You will want to copy down the Serial Number and the Restore Code. Those let you put your exact Auth on a new compatible device.