The War Within Purchase Information

On the pages for The War Within (Learn More and Purchase), there is a comparison chart of the differences in the 3 versions. Under that it shows that if you purchase the base edition, you will receive 500 Trader’s Tender, 750 for Heroic, and 1000 for Epic.

Unfortunately what isn’t documented there is that if you have multiple WoW accounts on a single Battle.Net account, that you only receive the Trader’s Tender once. There is no footnote that links to a statement in regards to this. There are footnotes for other items, but this isn’t noted, and I had to open a GM ticket to find out why I was missing my Trader’s Tenders.

I understand why this choice was made (though I don’t agree with it), however I feel that adding a footnote would prevent others from this same confusion. As without that information, it feels very misleading.

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What about Collectors edition box sets? I missed the last couple due to no information being released and then very limited stock in Australia… I am not a fan of soft purchases and prefer getting the boxed collectors edition.

You sir, do not read very clearly. There is print there, its actually on the fine print of the launcher itself for everyone to see, they even highlight it in their own little way.

*** Upgrading to the Heroic or Epic Edition will not re-grant in-game items previously unlocked on your account. Trader’s Tender is granted only once per® account and region upon first purchase of each edition, at a maximum of 1000 Tender from Epic.**

Its smaller print, but it’s under the Prepurchase/Gift Buttons =)

It was only recently added, so clearly they got the message above.