The Waiting ...long Waiting

Greetings, I’ll post here the same exact text I posted in one of Diablo 4 groups from Facebook.

After much thought, it’s decided: from now on, whenever we’re waiting for a life changing game (not just any game, but one that comes every 5 or 10 years) everyone will refer to that period as: …wait for it…THE WAITING. Please note that it’s a period more important than Christmas, Easter, world championship of anything or even a marriage. It’s THE WAITING…in this case for Diablo 4. So, I wish you all a very Happy Waiting…feel free to eat sugared food, pray to your God of choice, dress like a rabbit and take days off from work, all at the same time. After all, it’s THE WAITING we’re talking about…

Having said this (or written) I wish all the Diablo 4 Devs and team a happy Waiting as well. You guys, more than anyone, deserve it. But remember: don’t dress as a rabbit until the last Wating week comes…it’s our best way to deal with the pressure! Cheers!

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