The ultimate next season suggestion. SOD make way for SOC

Alright SOD was fun but it was just classic meets retail in the middle with some new dungeons. Mostly 10 man.

My person favorite was just original classic and I know a lot of people feel the same. But we are all older now and a lot of us just don’t have the time to simply walk from point A to point B. Thus, Season of Cannons. WoW classic already has the technology, Horde in thunderbluff can take a cannon and fire themselves to the DarkMoon faire.

So in this season i would keep classic the same, maybe add some dungeon twists if people really want them. I like the vanilla classic experience myself, but you could take a poll and find out. But add cannons everywhere!!! Shoot urself from Orgrimmar to the barrens, Stormwind to Westfall. The time before you have a mount would be heightened traveling wise by cannons that could fire you from place to place. Give them a % chance to work, different ranges, different types. Alliance have gnomes their cannons could work different than tauren cannons. When u hit 40 and are in lands where u can use a mount maybe the cannons are slightly different and fire u with ur mount but not as far because ur a heavier load. I’m just spinning ideas off the top of my head but with some actual thought and drawn out cannons designing, SOC could be, what vanilla WoW needs. Faster travel to be more playable for adults who don’t have the time to simply walk 40+ minutes all over for one quest. Plus it would make PvP a lot of fun to have an alliance player being camped, call his guild to help him, and 20-30 alliance people show up to help via cannons in a fraction of the time, followed by the Horde using cannons to come to the aide of their friend who now has a guild fighting him. World PvP would end up having massive 40 man guides vs other 40 man guilds. Maybe even more with city chat / LFG addon’s to keep track of world messages. You’re bored in town and see the Horde has 100 people in westfall engaging the Alliance and jump in cannon to go help. It would really add a element of world Pvp to be able to jump around to that degree. 14 minute flights are just too much for some people. As much as i, myself, personally enjoy 100% vanilla.

That is my WoW SoC suggestion. May we one day see cannons!

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