The Removal of Real ID

Hello, I would like to raise the issue of removing the Real ID feature entirely from the Blizzard ecosystem.

It does nothing to help players. It is a dangerous feature that increases the chances of people accidentally doxing themselves and their friends to strangers. Disabling this feature in the profile does not disable various aspects of Real ID. For example adding friends still prompts with the option to reveal your full name. This contradicts what the documentation says about the Real ID Feature. I have an issue submitted for this and it has taken over a year for blizzard to take it seriously. It was archived without fixing, and a new ticket is being dismissed as working as expected (contrary to documentation and other responses).

Disabling the feature in the profile also does not translate to the various games and previously added friends. Players have to revert previously approved Real ID friends manually to remove their private information. Players have to search around the menus in various games to make sure all the features are turned off to prevent revealing private information.

This is too much work for something this dangerous. Your app should not be any part of the decision to reveal someones full name. If someone is IRL friends they will already know each others names. If I want to tell a stranger, I can make the choice to do it via message or Voip. No player wanted blizzard to be the middleman for revealing that info. Please remove the feature entirely.

I also started a change . org petition to request the removal of this feature in case blizzard tries to cover up this request. URL >

I second this Idea… :+1: