The payment process of a WOW subscription doesn't work


The Saturday I tried to purchase a subscription month of WoW, but I could never finish the payment process.
First of all, I’m from Argentina, and here only have 1 method to pay a subscription, with an international credit or debit card, so I tried with 3 different international credit cards (1 MasterCard and 2 Visa), from 3 different banks, and none of them worked.
On another side, the same day, I tried to pay for 60 days of play-time, with the same card that I was tried to pay the subscription and worked without issues.

To explain what I see from the browser: I go to the blizzard shop page: (, select WoW Subscription, then select only one month, and last need select what credit card I wanna use. When I selected the card, put the security number/expiration date/name, and for the next step appear a message (Espere un momento por favor - Wait a moment please) and again ask me for the security number/expiration date/name. If I put again the data of the card, the loop just repeats.

This only happens when I tried to buy a subscription month, for other items in the store I can buy with the same card without conflicts.

I sent a ticket in Spanish, and the latam support provided differents recommendation:
-Re-validate the data of the credit card
-Clean my payment methods and reload them
-Clean the cache of my browser
-Try from other devices
-Try from another browser
-Try with different credit card

None of that worked, they sent me here to put this post, or just pay for 60 days of play-time, but in local currency, 2 months of play-time cost twice than 2 months of subscription.

This looks like a very tricky bug, I just wanna pay a subscription with the unique pay method that you provide in my country.

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Same here, tried to transfer a pj but I could never finish the payment process tried the steps i found here tried antoher pc, network and my smartphone.

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