The change with authenticator sucks!

anyone else getting the battlenet application on the phone doing circles. it gives the warning the authenticated is going to stop working and to use the battle net on phone. you log into batlenet on phone it makes you use the authenticator. to log in the app you have to use the manual code from the authenticater to get it to sign in. you switch it. only to have it never take?

common blizard why are you making this so freaking hard to use to log in? fix your software!. maybe with Microsoft taking it over I can just use my Microsoft authenticater app

turns out you have to update battlenet on the phone. having an update option when you go to the playstore would help.


I thought you had to select “ssm” (text msg) to get your code then enter it like an authenticator? I may be wrong in your case.

I am utterly confused too. Just sent in a ticket but another poster says hes 10 days out; uggghh.

Got the email for the cancellation of the classic Authenticator App
So I download the Battle Net app
Logged in
Removed Classic Authenticator
Add in new Authenticator but it tells me to download the BattleNet app (umm I am)

So I have 3 options

1.) I have already enabled Authenticator App
1a.) Attach
1a.1) Get SMS
1a.2) Enter information from the previous Authenticator??? Except I can’t because the Code is showing all numbers and a decimal; whereas my serial # has letters
1a.3) If I download the classic app again to re-enter my backup information I get an error for me to try again
2.) I have Physical Authenticator
2a.) I do not own a Physical Authenticator from Blizzard shop
3.) Having trouble

To me the push button verification process is over? Now looks like I can just log in with username/email and password and i’m in the game. I no longer will have to pull out my phone and verify numbers and letters from my desktop PC and hit authorize on my phone

Again I did submit a ticket as their setup process is way too complicated and judging from someone else 24hrs could result in 10 days+

The new “authenticator” seems to not work at all, it’s just a mobile version of the blizzard website. I still need to use the old one to approve requests, and now I have to go through the useless pop-up that informs me it’s going to be deprecated.

So I got a response back for my ticket. He was confused so I attempted to replicate the steps only I was met with a fix. I dont know what happened but…

I forced closed the BattleNet App
Cleared the Cache and Data on the Storage wiping app clean as if I just recently downloaded the app
I then logged in
Enabled Push Notifications

And there it is; I got a prompt to Enable Authenticator. I didnt see this prompt last night when I did this migration!

Enabled it; followed remaining prompts as it told me; then went back into Account Details/Security/Enabled Authenticator every time

So now when I launched a Blizzard game, it kicked my login session out (which i’m thankful) logged in and I was able to see a Letter Code on Desktop PC and then my SmartPhone also had letters using the new BattleNet App

I’m in!

Authenticator reattached

But like I said, I didnt see this the last time. Initial Migration sucked but after almost 24hrs, signing out and back in I got the prompt I needed

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Same thing here. I’m honesty done with this. This crap isn’t worth it.