'The CAS System was Unable to Initialize'

‘The CAS System was Unable to Initialize’

I’m trying to load WOW Retail - version on my Mac (MacOS Montery 12.6.1).

It was originally giving me an error along the lines of ‘This Folder Doesn’t Contain The Correct Version Of This Game’ - despite the updated version being in my folder and the correct pathway selected.

I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling WOW and Battle.net from scratch which is now when I started getting this ‘The CAS System was Unable to Initialize’

The full message is:

‘The CAS System was Unable to Initialize: Unable to initialize CAS from build info file. No active install info entries. Tact instance creation failed. Error (1): unknown failure’

I’ve followed all the steps here: CAS System Unable to Initialize ClientHandler - Blizzard Support and still having the same issue

Please help as it’s been a few days spending my evenings trying to get back online

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