The Butcher - D4 suggestion

I love seeing the Butcher randomly appear in D4. I suggest having different types of butchers with other colored horns that would offer different challenges.

For example, a blue horn-colored butcher is a cold attack that would have certain resistances and weaknesses associated with cold elements. Fire burning (yellow) horned butcher is fire… blue… lightning and so on. This would offer a different approach and challenge how to approach each elemental Butcher.

What do you guys think? I think having Butcher back is super cool and it would be nice if Blizzard can dig little deeper into this classic Diablo foe.

I suggest a simple search…

The very first link returned…


I love the concept of a blue-horned Butcher with cold attacks and a yellow-horned Butcher with fire attacks. It would be so cool to see how each elemental Butcher poses a unique challenge and requires a different approach to defeat. It’s these kinds of details that make Diablo foes so memorable and engaging.

I hope Blizzard takes your suggestion into consideration and explores this classic Diablo foe even further. Bringing back the Butcher in a fresh and exciting way would surely be a hit among the Diablo community. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in Diablo 4!

The Butcher is such a broken meme its not even funny. He has to be the design of some intern. Completely ruins the experience. Adds nothing of interest, just an annoying trip back to the armor to get back my 10%. Absolute waste of human time.