The best company, at digging it's own grave


I’ve literally just created an account to defecate on Blizzard for the way I’m treated.
I don’t know why everything has to be so complicated, are really accounts stolen in billions, that you’re authenticator needs to be so harsh?

So, I had battle. net on both my phone and PC, my PC had some problems, so I’ve reinstalled, because of Blizzard, after reinstallation I did not have much need to install Battle. net, in the meanwhile, my phone caught a virus, so I reinstalled it as well, and today, I’m installing Battle. net on my PC to play some Overwatch, but I need authenticator, that’s good because as I was downloading apps for my newly reinstalled phone, I reinstalled the authenticator aswell, so I open it, and I’m logged out, nothing wrong there, I’ll log in, verify with email and approve my PC, BUT I CAN’T.

The retarded application requires me to find some serial code and some other code? Like what the heck is this? Matrix? Can I just play my games, I don’t want to be searching for codes all day long?

And obviously, it’s Blizzard’s Authenticator, so the app just says ‘write serial code in the empty space bellow or view from the screenshot if you took one’, literally reads as if Blizzard is joking with me, there are literally no information on what codes are and where to find them, so I’m waiting in my mail for Blizzard to send me email with the codes, BUT THERE’S JUST NOTHING.

So what can I do now? They stole me my account, come on Blizzard, how can you do this?!


Hey Dexter97,

I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with the Mobile Authenticator.

When you reinstall the Authenticator on your phone, it generates a new serial number that is unique to that install of the app. When you go through the setup process initially it should instruct you to take a screenshot or save the original serial number that it gives you. This way in the event that you get a new phone or your phone gets wiped you would be able to recover the original serial number, which you can then plug into the new app install.

If you don’t have the original serial number saved then you will need to Remove your Blizzard Authenticator which will allow you to set it up again on the account.

Just as an added note, if you want to prevent this from happening again I’d recommend screenshoting the new serial number and also adding Blizzard Phone Notifications to your account which will allow you to remove an authenticator by getting a text message code.

Hope this helps!


I would… IF IT WAS POSSIBLE. Now you require me to send the image of my ID, to you? I don’t want to do that. But I have to, if I want my account back. I can’t remove the authenticator by just requesting you too, I need to send my ID, once I do, you would still ask me to come to your headquarters and give you my finger ID, after which you’d take me to the operation hall for you to cut my kidneys out to confirm the account is mine. This is all too ridiculous.


The reason they’re going to ask for your ID is because they need to verify you are the actual owner of the account. They do not keep the scan of the ID - it is destroyed once they’ve verified it is indeed you. If Blizzard didn’t ask for the scan of the ID, anyone could say they’re you and get ahold of your account easily. It’s a security measure and lots of companies use such measures to protect their customers.

With regard to the authenticator app, it does indeed tell you upon first use to screenshot the serial number and restore code, or at least write them both down. What this does is let you reinstall the authenticator and then use the serial and restore codes to get the proper timing and ciphers back so you can once again use the newly installed authenticator. This also lets you install the authenticator on more than one device so you can put it on say, a tablet at home so that in the case you lose access to the phone you have an instant backup authenticator waiting for you.