THE BEST beta so far

After yesterday being in line for 75 minuts than got kicked and in line for 58 minuts again to be booted again… this morning still stuff doesnt work. You devs know how many pre orders have been sold right? You know how many people will wanna play… next week will be a disaster again? Best Beta so far.

Ok honest opinion the game so far i played feels nice and looks great (only lvl 6 now) but please keep the beta running so you can get the severs to work before open beta starts.


hhhhhhhhhhhhh I was just thinking the same, you knew how many ppl are coming in, so how are you unable to scale!!! Also, you have major titles like CoD/Warzone and others, and this is how you launch a beta!

Well you’re like 1 out of 7 people who get to actually play. So once the Beta is actually live, and we can all weigh in, maybe you will still be right. In the meantime, Blizz is spending our Beta money on equity training and laughing at us for purchasing another product that wasnt ready for release.

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The point of the beta is to break every damn thing we can. And in that regard we seem to be doing well. I don’t care how well it plays for this beta or the next one, as long as release is smooth. But so far my hopes of anything smooth are very very minimal.

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A beta is a game that isnt ready for release, but when you launch a beta you should have the servers ready for people who wanna play and give you feedback and not screw them over and let them be in line for sooooo freaking long. I think the pre orders should be kinda compensated by a longer beta to give all the time to play.


5th time trying to log in, this session- of 20+ minute wait times. This time it’s 25 minutes. I make it to the front of the Queue, and then BAM! DC’d. We definitely can’t give them excuses. They have been running the largest MMORPG in the entire world for 18 years. They know their fanbase, and they know how many pre-orders they sold. But here we are again, getting scammed. This sh!t ran smoother when it was legit just Blizzard, before all the garbage corporations that got their hands on it afterwards.


The annoying part for me is that you could wait for a long time and then still don’t get to play, this is an unacceptable user experience! I got to level 16 and didn’t mind the wait, but now I cant get back in and I just waited for 20+ minutes!

Ooops did i just got booted again!?

im very glad this a closed beta so blizzard devs can get to work on so many issue like dc and crashes every 30mins or so. the game is good but very clunky and jerky oh yeah the lag . more servers please and make them uptodate technology as well please