The client does not open in full screen

Hello, dear developers! Please note that on my 1440x900 monitor, the app won’t open full screen unless I do this myself. It runs in windowed mode, I have not found the appropriate setting for the application to run in full screen. In general the interface of the new version of the application is very nice and worthy of praise, if only for this one unpleasant thing. I want to add that the manipulations with clearing the cache and other things did not help. I already contacted support and did everything they recommended. I was advised to contact here. Thank you for your consideration!

they don’t give a crap about things like this. desktop shortcuts just take you to the launcher, opening launcher will never open in full screen and will always appear half way off the screen. they just want your money and make no attempt to fix anything that they cant make more money off of, nor will they ever make any kind of comment on these subjects that people have been bringing up for years at this point. all they are thinking is “shut up and give us more money, we don’t care about your complaints, your going to pay us anyway so shut up and deal with it” I have sent several messages and filed several complaints since overwatch first launched and have never, EVER, received any reply. EVER. they just truly do not care about there customers or fanbase.