The application “World of Warcraft Launcher” can’t be opened

I’m running MacOS 12.6.7 on a Mac Pro (Late 2013); I know, vintage, and I get this message from the WoW launcher. Checked permissions, ran disk repair, and whatever else I could find to fix problem short of reinstalling. No change. I have Diablo III installed and its launcher works fine, go figure. The date modified for the launcher is June 17, 2023. I have the from June 18, 2023 and it works Just fine. I also have Classic and WOTLK installed in a separate directory and its launcher has the same problem. The date info there is June 29, 2023.

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Same but my MacBook pro is 2022 one. Can’t open launcher.

Found the problem. The executable, “World of Warcraft Launcher”, did not have the proper permissions set. After changing directories to get to “/Applications/World of Warcraft/World of Warcraft” a “chmod 777” command to the file allowed the launcher to be opened. It helps if you used to be a UNIX systems administrator. :wink:

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