Thanks to Leviathan MVP - Technical Support

I cannot add to my post so:
I thank you for your help. It seems that Support does not care about my issues. They will not confirm my restriction or give any dates. I am at Wits end and am one step away from leaving. Its not as if anyone at Blizzard support cares about Classic D2 Players now that Resurected is out. Classic Players dont give anymore $$$$. It is sad that I fell this way as D2 was a great game. Might as well add “Micro Transactions” to complete the fall. Diablo Himself could not corrupt Blizzard but “Mirco” issues have.

Let me see if I can get a technical SFA to post here. I can’t make any promises, though.

It’s a holiday weekend in the US so if I can find someone, it might take a bit for them to stop by.

Hey there,

I looked at this account. After some initial confusion on the expiration month of the restriction, you were provided the correct date. It should just be a matter of waiting until after that date and then playing normally. Making sure not to use any sort of VPN/Proxie or Commercial/Business registered IP and of course to limit how quickly you make/join games.

Please note these forums are specifically for community based troubleshooting of technical issues involving the client/system/connection of our legacy titles like Diablo II: 2000. There is limited other support for these titles and for account issues, submitting an account ticket is the best way to have those addressed properly.

Hey VagaInc, sounds like there was a date given. Could you have overlooked it?

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