Taskbar Icon not showing


I am experiencing an issue with the taskbar icon of the battle net launcher. I can see it properly on the desktop itself, but when I launch it or pin it to the task bar it just shows as a missing icon. I have tried numerous stuff like reinstalling, restarting windows explorer, deleting the icon cache file in %localappdata% and nothing seems to work. I have looked everywhere…

Hey there Shortex,

Does the same problem happen in a new windows account? If we can narrow down the problem to a user profile it may help better identify the issue.

Let us know. Cheers!

I am having the same issue on a Windows 11 Home pc that is brand new and had Battle.net app installed on it for the first time.


This topic is from Nov 2020; it is better to create a new topic when you cannot find a recent one.

I had this issue also… I solved it by copying name of the icon file of my desktop icon onto the icon on the taskbar… like this:

  • Right-click on your desktop icon, select Properties, and then change icon. The name of the icon file should be highlighted… copy it (Ctrl+C) to the Windows Clipboard.
  • Hit the Cancel button twice to close the property window.
  • Launch Battle.Net if it’s not already running
  • Right-click on the Battle.Net taskbar icon, then right-click on “Battle.Net” and select Properties and “Change Icon”.
  • The taskbar icon file path should be highlighted; delete it (use Backspace) and paste (Ctrl+V) the content from the Windows Clipboard. If there is no icon in the icon list, click in the space where the icons should be. Click on the Battle.Net icon in the list (it should be the only icon available). Click OK twice to approve the changes and close the property window.

You may need to quit from Battle.Net and re-launch it – I can’t remember if I had to do this.

I hope this works for you too.