Taskbar Icon not showing up

Hello, having an annoying issue with my icon showing up as a white paper icon on the taskbar but everywhere else shows the actual Battle icon. i’ve tried just about everything to get this fix from reinstalling to copying the location in the icon screen and changing the icon to something else then trying to revert it back. its getting out of hand. I thought it might be because its not installed to my main m.2 drive that might be the cause but it is not. ive installed on both my main m.2 drive and my game m.2 drive and both are having this issue. this is the only game i have this issue with out of the 10s of games installed.

Side note, i didnt know uninstalling the launcher automatically uninstalls all the games. now i have to reinstall 3 games… FML

It doesn’t uninstall all the games. It simply removes the stored locations of the games.

Once the launcher is reinstalled, you just need to point the launcher to each game’s location.

Not true. I installed all my games to a brand new m.2 drive that ONLY had battle net and all games I installed. once i uninstalled those games where no where to be found on my computer.

I’m sorry, Nico, but you are mistaken. Uninstalling the launcher doesn’t uninstall all the games. You’re possiblely misremembering some part of the situation.

Testing it to make sure, I tried it just now. None of my games were uninstalled when I uninstalled the launcher.