Sync quest and reputation for all characters

It is a good feature to skip quest line when leveling second character in 9.0. Can you Blizzard make the same change for the old world? like make an option that other characters can share quest and reputation progress with main character. Literally bored and no time for grinding those.
Now the only fun for me in WOW is accomplishment system. Remind me of good adventures.
I played 10 years Paladin, bored and want to continue adventure as DH, I don’t want to lose all my quest and rep progress. Grinding is not fun.
That’s it, please make a big red button “Sync progress”.

In Warcraft 2 you can save you campaign progress and start a new one from wherever you want it is pretty awesome. Also your Heroes never loose their XP or reputation points since they do not have any to begin with :wink:

You can also use the tigerlily or unite the clans cheat to browse to any chapter/mission you would want to play again without having to play the whole thing all the way during your replays.

However Warcraft 2 story line though is fairly limited and simple. The campaigns are a bit dull and not really strategically interesting I strongly recommend you try playing multiplayer instead. This is where all the beauty happens!

We play the game every weekend at 1PM utc on for new players. Feel free to join us we meet in the “Op trogallart” channel on the GOG Global gateway!

See you over there!

As for Blizzard I doubt they will do anything about your problems right now or anytime soon, considering their interest/management of this part of the forum you probably would have better luck somewhere where your post wouldn’t be out of place.