Switch to american server?

On the Battle.net UI, under my battletag “JWNZ#1466” it says “connected to europe”. I want to connect to america because that’s where all my friends are. I dont have any friends on my friend list and am not receiving their request. How do I fix this? I am in Europe but want to play with my american friends.

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You will need to log out of the app and on the login window will be a region drop down menu which will allow you to change regions.


I play ps4 and am having a problem. I was transferred to the server of the Middle East. I have played for over 3 years. I have been playing on the European server please. I have my friends and I can’t play with them. I haven’t played ovrwatch for over a week.:sob::sob::sob::sob:

Howdy NFx,

To clarify, Overwatch on PlayStation is a global region. The game server location you connect to in Overwatch though is determined automatically based on your physical location and will try to put you on the closest server with the lowest latency. If you are physically closer to the Middle Eastern servers, then you will be placed on those servers. Customer service has no way to force which region you are put on in-game. However even if you are put on a Middle Eastern server in-game, you should still be able to see your friends and group with them. This will then result in the picking a location based on your group, and may result in higher latency for you or your friends depending on which server is selected.

If you have issues with seeing or grouping with friends in Overwatch specifically though, please post on the Overwatch forums.