Supports a joke

Wife cant log in to her account she forgot the password. since its tied to her old deactivated phone number she cant get a code from the authenticator because you have to log in to to use the stupid thing they keep trying to send an sms to the old read non working phone number but guess what non working means and replying to the email from noreply at blizzard? wtsf is that

Do not do that. That really does mean no-reply.

To continue with proving she is the account holder, and providing proof, she will want to open a new ticket - then start by citing the first ticket number for reference. Next provide the information they asked for. She will probably have to do this for each round of communications.

She can also make a new temp Battlenet account linked to a new email to do this, it ensures that she can reply to, and track, the tickets more directly than trying to do it from the “not logged in” interface.