Support Site - unable to submit a new ticket for issues

I have been experiencing frequent high latency spikes and disconnection from the Diablo IV US Central game server multiple times everyday for approx the last 2 weeks. The latency will go from normal in the range of 50-70 for long periods of time to upwards of 1000ms, causing rubberbanding and deaths. If the ping ends up higher than 1500ms, this will typically cause a disconnect error as attached above. The tracert had previously been able to resolve to your servers, but recently has begun receiving timed out requests before reaching your servers. I have attempted to troubleshoot this with my ISP Spectrum/Charter multiple times. They had recommended to replace my modem, which did not resolve the issue, and I have not had any other issues using my internet connection for any other services.

Currently I have been attempting to submit a support ticket using multiple different browsers for the better part of 6 hours with no success. Not only can I not play my game without constant interruptions, and I’m not even able to submit a ticket to get assistance. I can’t even submit a ticket to let them know the issues with the support site. Very frustrating!