Support erased, all bookmarked topics gone

I had submitted a bug report on a LUA error at the character selection screen.
I included the LUA error text and parts of the text referred the Blizzard Shop.
Looks like the new terms of agreement had a back end hook tied to the Bnet login
and forums.

I had to login this a.m. with a refreshed password. All of my comment history
has been erased and any topics I was following (including one on hunter pets
disappearing randomly and my LUA error) are gone.

In addition, the new support categories are confusing. The guidelines in the Desktop API forum are all related to Blizzard/game errors and not ’ 3rd party developers to report issues and bugs related to the public Blizzard Web APIs used to create fan sites and other experiences.’

What happened to all the bug reports that were active up until the web site refresh?