Summer Sale - Diablo Prime Evil Collection

Hey there,

I’m having a weird issue with the store. Currently the Diablo Prime Evil Collection is discounted 40% down to $35.99. That seems like a good deal to me and was going to purchase as after a long while I am back on PC gaming. Last time I owned a PC good enough to game on was when Diablo 3 was released and so I own the base version of the game already. Because of this, every time I try to purchase the discounted Prime Evil Collection it gets overwritten in the Buy Now screen by the Prime Evil Upgrade which is priced at $54.99 and not taking in the sale discount.

Is there a way around this or am I just screwed on the pricing?


I’m having the same issue I only have the base d3 so I figured I’d pick up the prime evil collection for 35.99 but when I add to cart it changes to the upgrade for 54.99.

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Same thing here, only have the base game of Diablo 3, try to add the collection to buy but the non sale upgrade is forced into the cart instead. Submitted a ticket but haven’t heard anything back yet.

What i think is happening is , if you own d3, you CANNOT buy the collection ( even if it shows, discounted)
Clicking it will instead buy the prime evil upgrade, which is 54.99 and not on sale.

So… basically if you already have d3, you have a NEGATIVE DISCOUNT of 19€

I wonder if i can remove a past purchase from the account, just so i can buy with the real discount.

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Same issue here. Love that I get to pay more for supporting them in the past.

It’s like Epic’s issue of if you received a free game in the past but now want to buy the bundle that’s on sale you can’t.

Has anyone tried to gift themselves the collection by purchasing from another account? Might it work?

No it doesn’t, I’ve tried gifting the Prime Evil Collection to my girlfriend as she only has D3, but when I try to send the gift it says I can’t since she already has a part of the bundle (D3).

So since the upgrade has no discount on it, it would be better to start off a new account. That sucks Blizzard…

I created an account and said it needs 3 days before you can gift. Same results as someone above. Because I own the D3 base package the system says it’s already owned and can’t be gifted. I agree I might just use the new account to purchase this. I asked support to if they can delete the d3 base game just so I can purchase the game at the sale discount.

Support says they can not delete the currently owned version. Support says if I purchase it and I’m charged over the discount they could grant that difference in price in balance. So if you don’t plan to use currency this might not be the best choice as you still end up spending that amount initially.
Looks like the only option to not spend more than you would like would be to create a new account and purchase it from the new account.

This is just a bad business. They’re losing money on folks wanting to get back into d3 after original purchase. I’m just not going to buy and eventually my itch to play it will go away by the time they get another sale for it. It just sucks to see the same product for almost $20 more expensive for those who supported the original product.

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Is also wanted to buy the Prime Evil collection, mostly because I don’t own the Necromancer DLC for Diablo III and I’m interested in revisiting Diablo II with the new Resurrected version.

But the cart forcibly tries to charge me the upgrade, which is not discounted, as I already own Diablo III and Reaper of Souls. I could buy Resurrected + Necromancer separately, but considering the difference, I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for the collection perks.

Guess I won’t be spending any money on because of this system.