Suggestion for WoW

The RNG loot system in WoW is deterring me from playing the game, and if it stays I’m not gearing up my characters next expansion.

Please add a selection screen for item rewards from bosses, warfronts, visions, emissaries, etc. So we don’t have to repeat the same content to try to get an item or armor piece that we want for our characters. IT’S ANNOYING.

I don’t want to waste my time doing a dungeon, when I don’t like doing dungeons, but I HAVE to, to build my character, and then I get a REPEAT ITEM before getting the item I want.

Streamers can host raids and only invite people with their armor class to gear up really fast. Most of the player base CAN’T DO THIS. Change the game to suit the majority of the player base PLEASE.

This way we can also choose an item for a friend if we already have all the rewards we want from a boss.

All I want to do is gear up and pvp. I’m sure many people agree.

You could also add vendors for all armor slots, weapons, and trinkets with a currency we could farm. (like in argus, just not random please).

It’s just really disheartening when u get a repeat item after so much effort.