Suggestion - Failed Payment History


I recently had to renew my subscription. I attempted to process this via paypal, however, my paypal was set to limited and this was not processed successfully. No error message is returned to me and I am instead presented with the message that I have been subscribed with a green tick, which visually indicates the transaction has gone ahead.

I opened a live chat support case where it was explained to me that the transaction was refused from Paypals side. I resolved this.

My suggestion is that the error or failed transaction histsory should be displayed to the user somewhere on the transaction page. I understand from my conversation with the support rep that there are some edge cases where there can be a large number of failed transactions. My suggestion here is that you could hard code a limit to the number of failed transactions to help combat this edge case.

Realistically speaking, who wants to check their failed transction history log from 2 years ago, vs. the most recent transaction?

When you return the data just use some type of select top 1, to limit the results. I’ve not seen your dataset, but you could potentially show all of the transactions (approved and failed) and have some type of case / if, to limit the number of failes transacstion that are displayed. Potentially show the top X failed transactions in this context. I can’t imagine someone realistically wanting to see more than 5.

Against this inforamtion place a note that this page only displays the top X most recent failed transactions, but hide this note if there are no failed transactions present.