Subscription should be purchasable with Balance

It doesn’t make one damn bit of sense not being able to use our balance on a subscription. I’ll give you the reasons why using myself as an example.

I’m going through bankruptcy as a result of an injury and having to take the state to court to get disability. I don’t have any credit cards and my bank account has a balance of 0. It’ll likely stay that way for a while. Someone was kind enough to give me gift cards for with the intent to pay for the 1 year sub. Yet I can’t use it for that. I have to purchase ‘Game Time’ instead, which doesn’t include the discount or the bonus content. There isn’t any difference between using the balance and buying the sub with a card.

What’s that?
Recurring payments, you say?

Nothing stops the customer from canceling their sub before it renews and they still keep the bonus content. It is an arbitrary stipulation. I highly recommend changing the system so that we can purchase subs with our balance.


  • Kernaghast