Subscription Broken/have time but says expired

i researched this. A bug can and did happen with a content update. When this latest dragon flight prepatch downloaded my subscription changed to EXPIRED and i could not log into game. I know the players always get blamed for the breakage and are told to update drivers and all that BS. So i cancelled sub and then readded it, i also tried deleting my payment method and readding it…No luck. According to account info i wasnt due for renewel until Nov 24 and today is Nov 11
But i researched this bug and apparently sometimes with content release it will bug out if you havent bought the expansion the content was meant for, in this case i didnt have Dragonflight prepurchased. Article said buy it and will fix problem. So i bought the Dragon flight and lookee here it FIXED my expired subscription. What a crock. Quite the scam forcing you to prepurchase to fix a bug