Stuck on initializing an update - possible bug found

My app (OS X el capitan) is stuck on initialising an update to hearthstone and whenever i restart it i get this message in console

sandboxd[17210]: Battle[DOT]net System Policy: deny file-write-create /System/Library/Application Support

As far as i know there’s no Application Support folder in /System/Library so it’s probably a bug

El captain is no longer supported for a majority of our games, including Hearthstone. Sierra (10.12) is most of our game’s minimum requirements on MacOS now. Here’s our system requirements for Hearthstone. The Application may not be compatible for these reasons. If the system supports upgrading to Sierra, it’s recommended to do so :slight_smile:

There’s usually hidden files on Mac that may not show the Application Support or its in a different location. Our Repair Application Support Permissions article may help with fixing up the permission issues to the Application Support files.