Stuck on Detecting Humanity When Creating A New Account

If you get stuck on detect humanity.
do this:-
1- Go back to the first step where you select country and birthdate.
2- make sure you select your country. even if its already input by the website. select another country and then your country. because when you do that you will call the function where it starts the process of creating the account.
thats it!
I got stuck in that page and tried on all the devices (windows, mac, andriod, and linux) all of them the same it gets stuck. unless I select the country by myself without the broswer/website putting it for me.
hope it helped you <3

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THANKS SO MUCHHHHH AAAA i thought i couldn’t play:')


If anyone finds themselves in a “detect human” test, where you have to answer 20 math questions, that take FOREVER, back up and do this. You should not have to do the 20 questions if the new Blizz account setup is working right.

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Still it’s not Working.

still not working…need help plz

Have you find any solution? I have same issue

Yup still not working. This is so fake

Something is wrong with battle net. ain’t like it used to be


Hey folks, my wife ran into this. So i logged in with mircrosoft edge and it worked. She had been using chrome as thats usually what we use. Prob blizz and microsoft being in bed with each other.

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Can we get an answer and a solution here??? This is ridiculous.

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Been trying all day for my wife. Tried changing countries and Microsoft edge with no results…


Battlenet, get your crap together and get the servers up. This is ridiculous

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I had the same issue, did the following and could finally create an account:

  1. Open in Microsoft Edge and clear all history and cache etc
  2. Sign in with PSN account
  3. re-select country
  4. make sure DOB in correct order mm-dd-yyyy
  5. Click continue and then follow all prompts from there.

I kept getting stuck on the detecting humanity screen.
The sign up process was different once it started working (including the captcha prompts).

I feel clearing the cache made a big difference.
Good luck!

I had the same problem and i fixed it by just updating the app.