Stuck in checking versions D2 LOD

Honestly from what I’ve seen its related to a temp ban. Is this true and for how long?

Hey, TNoDz. It does appear that a temporary restriction was applied today. It should clear on August 11th in the early morning.

I’m having the same issue. Tries to connect for awhile then I get an error message that I failed to connect…

Get in line your banned with the rest of us

For what?? I haven’t run a bot or anything…

Could you possible check for also I haven’t played in like 5 years and I am stuck at this screen

Its ok
Its you all need go to relax without forum

so is it the CD key that is temp banned or ? i would like to know if i use my other copie of the game, am i gonna have the same issue once i press “join bnet” whit that key aswell?

Right. They put this in place to stop bots, but bots are the only ones that know how to avoid it.

Truth is you can’t shoot the messenger. If he has the tools to say your account was restricted, fine. It’s highly unlikely he has the power to remove it. The game was built to be unfriendly to players. This is the legacy of Blizzard North that we’re so proud of. New Blizzard, for all of their faults, would definitely not have designed a game to punish you for playing normally.

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