Stuck at 0B/s download

Hello! I have been trying to download Call Of Duty MW3 for the past 3 days now, yet im completely stuck at 0B/s… I have 70 download speed which is 8.75MB/s yet after reinstalling Battle.Net, resetting WiFi router, resetting PCs network settings and being connected VIA Ethernet, I still get stuck at 0B/s. Ive also tried too limit and un limit my downloads still with no success and I cant lie, its starting to frustrate me. I want to play the game that I paid for

Hi, same problem here with Diablo 4, after trying to uninstall the launcher to solve the problem, and now I can’t re install the launcher

Mine is stuck at around 40 BYTES and 20 Kilobytes.

I’ve deleted the bnet cache/folder and a whole bunch of other stuff. No change. Everything else is fine and 200mbps speed otherwise. Just bnet is garbage clown program.