Stop pandering - WoW

Okay, I think the time has come for Blizz to stop trying to pander to a younger audience. Before getting all up in arms, this is not a jab at any group of anything, just basic math. Older gamers (Gen X and the like) grew up watching the evolution of video games. When we were young, it was big block chases little block style graphics. Fun though it was, we still very much were into classic (paper and pencil) DnD, or Magic the gathering and other wonderful ways to get our nerd on. So when a game like WoW hit the scene, it was the greatest thing we had ever seen! The younger generations have grown up with awesome gaming options on their phones with sweet graphics to boot so a game like WOW lacks any special flair for them. Not to mention the myriad of new PC and counsel games that come out every year. We older gamers are what have kept games like UO alive for 24 years now! WoW very much has the potential for that staying power. Less focus on machine gunning super grindy expansion and content packs that cause only temporary bursts in active players and more focus on a quality of content, and yes, much more time between expansion packs. Personally, I have several other thoughts but I have been long winded enough here. Thank you for reading.

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