Still Unable to log in after the update was performed

Trying to load WOW, either through battlenet or just clicking on the WOW icon, and I am still getting the same error message. It will start to load, pop up with the WOW hand cursor icon and then do the loading symbol and then crash.

The note says “The application has encountered an unexpected issue”



Experiencing the same issue here. Even after the “fix” yesterday that Blizzard mentioned on their Twitter I am still seeing the same crash explained above.

still can not pick a server ect.

Since 24 January 2023 10.0.5 patch release I’ve experienced this cycle of frustration as well. I logged out around 1AM (CST) the morning of 24 Jan with no issues in account, server authentication/login, or game play. I didn’t try logging back in until to day around 3:30PM (CST) and the cycle began. I went through the standard BlizzardCS troubleshooting steps (i.e cache, WTF, restart of mac, local network, etc), and included several “Scan and repair” cycles on Battlenet side of things. I submitted crash report, and while filling out trouble ticket I decided to test logging into my various Battlenet games. The only two that felt they should relive the “Reign of Chaos” (Warcraft III pun intended) was retail WoW and Classic. Diablo, Hearthstone, etc were fine. I’m not positive on the technical, coding, or whatever issue this latest legion invasion of a patch has brought to disrupt the people of Azeroth, but if this continues there will be nothing any of my characters with Brann Bronzebeard can do to save the Alliance and Horde from ultimate doom this new foe has brought to those who reside within the World we call Warcraft.

Please Blizzard I hear Dragonflight is an expansion that embraces the Azeroth lore we have lost over the years…now only if I could get to it and enjoy the story you created. So far all I’m doing is watching a very expensive Battlenet screen. A bit off topic after my player empathy post, but felt it better to lighten the mood with softer words.

Same issue, I put in a ticket an yet to receive any response from them

I guess thia is only happening on Macs.I played on Monday the 23rd no problems.Come back on tuesday the 24 Patch 10.5 con not do anything because of this application error??

Different thread focusing on specific topic. [Main Thread] Crashes on launch after maintenance Jan 24th

15.00 . Day 3 can not log in. Worked flawless before patch. Awesome job blizzard, what a joke.

I have the same issue but only in Retail. All the classics still work fine. Very frustrated.

I was in the same position until last night when I finally fixed it.
So after troubleshooting things suggested for Mac users, I ended up creating a new user administrator. I had renamed my folders and reinstalled battlement then restarted computer. It worked.

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