Still cant play d2r

several days after launch i still cant play this game constantly disconected from sever then takes for ever to even try to create or join a game again getting very frustrating seeing how i payed for this game months ago and still cant even play it at all while others on my friends list are allready in act 5 hell may as well just get a refund and play the other 1 if i want to play d2 anymore

I’m in the same boat… I cannot even login to the server.

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Same. But being stuck in the lobby apparently counts as consumption of the product. I have submitted a refund 3 times, once at the request of a GM and they keep saying no.

I have literally supported most if not all Blizzard games in some capacity now I am kinds disenfranchised.

yea its really annoying expecilly when you have spent literaly 100s of dollars on there game and products

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me as well im just about to try to get a refund so frustrating game wont launch


You wont. I tried and it says I have consumed the product. I was able to log in for an hour before a crash and sat in the lobby. So they declined it.


You can work through those technical issues by looking through the postings in the proper forums.

This forum is mostly for D2 Classic. The new D2R has completely different forums with lots of help available.

Make sure to check General Discussion and Technical Support.

Here’s the forums’ main page:

Still haven’t been able to log in to game after 3 days! WTF Blizzard? game says playing now screen goes black then error

I also just requested a refund. I have purchased every Blizzard game going back to Warcraft 1. This is not the same company and I think I just want a refund and gonna move on. I purchased this on pure nostalgia and can’t even play it. Just want my money back and Ill be on my way.