Status on a ticket

So I’ve had to create a duplicate account just to be able to ask for help on here. I have an account with all my games that Ive had for a long time. About 6 yrs ago my pc broke and I was unable to get another computer until about 1 week ago. When I went to login to battle net it said my account does not exist. I submitted a support ticket with all the pertinent information. It has been 5 days since I submitted the support ticket and I have not even gotten a response as to the status of the ticket. No communication to keep me updated at all. I realize that I am not the only customer asking for help but the least that could be done is to let me know what the status is. I just want my account back with the games I spent my hard earned money to get.

Roughly the same problem but I was promised resolution.
Issue ID: #79418235

What I seem to have gotten is wholly incorrect (even if briefly fun). Please fix this. Thanx
I should add that my battle tag ought to be Kassandra