Starts outside of monitor

I have a 1366x768 tv as my monitor.
The app doesn’t remember what position or size I last closed it and the top-left half extends outside the monitor’s range, making it impossible to move or use the top-row buttons.


If you drag down bottom right corner it comes down.

Ok! I just talked to a GM about this on live chat. He had me right click on my desktop to change my resolution ( I could only make mine smaller) so it made the app smaller, BUT with the app still open I went back to my original resolution and the app fixed itself to fit the screen. I even closed the app and reloaded it and it was still fixed. I’m not sure if it’ll work for everyone, but it’s worth a shot!

What I normally do to fix the problem is hit the Windows Key + Tab to bring up the list of open windows, then I right click on the Launcher and choose “snap left”, which resizes the Launcher and puts it on the left side of the screen. At that point, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons are visible and then you can make it the proper size when you maximize the window. This isn’t a permanent fix however. You have to do it every time you bring up the Launcher again.

Had this Problem 2 mins ago. I run a two Monitor setup. I noticed the BN Client moving out of my right screen.

I fixxed it with simply exchanging the position of the both Monitors in the settings. So the physicly right Monitor was virtually the left one. After that the Client appeared in the “left” Monitor and i could move it on it´s right position.