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Many players today also play CSGO. Talking about its communication every time I play someone is available for voice chat. SC2 99% of times players are not available.

So, how could be a better and innovated communication for today games?

When I think about SC2 I try to think it as a Sport I play using internet as environment.
At the moment lets forget internet is not a secure environment. It is not as clean and controlled as soccer field, a tennis court or a boxe ring. Clouds are coming…

So lets remember in these sports players can see each other. And ok, we are using it in the tv tournaments but it is not game standard. And it could be mandatory for every ranked match.

I think it should be game standard maybe with option to enable is or not. Have you ever see AOE2 options to search games?

For conclusion, it is something I would like to see in a eSport someday. See the video, the face of players in my team or opponent and talk to them using it. Like W11 and others digital transformations using meeting tools.

Think about it, share thoughts.