Starcraft REMASTERED pre-order skins

Hello, Blizzard! Been a customer since the 1990’s, remember bringing home a black box with a devil in it’s cover with DIABLO written on it, before that i remember being at a friends home playing a beta version of WARCRAFT ORCS vs HUMANS… That’s how old I am! Anyway. The reason is at the title, I actually want that pre-order skin that was available and am willing to invest money to grab it. To be honest, i feel that today, right now there is a considerable revival (again) of broodwar and a lot of veterans like me are playing and watching ASL league etc. Just look at the AFREECA channel and see that broodwar is getting triple/quadruple views from all SC2 content… I believe it would be a very good moment to make money by putting that skin available for sale. A lot of people would by and be happy about it. Think about it! Thanks for your time reading this and to those who have the means to send this message to people who can actually make this happen, could you please redirect this?