Starcraft II Fails to Run!

From Battlenet, I select the Game and click Play, changes to Launching then back to Play.
Sometimes it will start load after 3 or 4 tries!
BUT I get to the Title / Loading Screen that takes up to 20 Minutes or more before I get “Authentication” and never progress past this!
I have tried all the suggestions I can find.
Scanned: no change. Flush DNS. All drivers are up to date.
Running on an intel I9 CPU with Windows 11.
Please advise whats going on?
and What else I can try?
As I Can’t reply i’ll edit: No Difference if I turn off the FireWall.
Tried to create a “Support Ticket”! - It dosent Work either!.
Doaes anyone know if support tickets work or have Blizzard shut it down?

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