Starcraft 2 Second Monitor

Hey guys, I just finished going through Starcraft 1 and I’m just starting to dive into Starcraft 2.

One thing I noticed and haven’t figured out a good way to fix yet, is that it is difficult to take Starcraft 2 onto my 2nd display monitor.

With Startcraft 1 it was as simple as going to options and then selecting a different monitor for fullscreen. I don’t seem to see a setting that is similar for Starcraft 2.

What I have done is put the app into window mode and then try to switch out of the app so that I can get the cursor to move the window to the 2nd monitor. This is tricky and takes me a few minutes each time I launch the app.

Any advice out there? Maybe I’m just not seeing something.

(Also, if there’s a way to make Starcraft 1 or 2 automatically start up on my 2nd monitor that would be even better since I always use that monitor)

Hey, Bradenm49! Starcraft II and Starcraft I will use the primary monitor on full screen launch. There isn’t a way to set which monitor to use. An option is to set the primary monitor to the gaming monitor.

If this isn’t an ideal option for you, it may help to set the game in Windowed fullscreen mode and use Windows Key + Shift + Left or right arrows for Windows to quickly move it to the secondary monitor so you can jump in game a bit more quickly!

For MacOS, this is a bit more tricky, you may need a third party application to set this for MacOS. While not supported, Spectacle or BetterTouchTool are a some programs that can give the option to use the Move to Monitor features, similar to Windows.

Note: If your resolutions are different between the two monitors, you may have some display issues so setting it as primary or using the windows mode workaround may be better to use

When StarCraft II was released it wasn’t as common as it is today to use multiple monitors. If you do have feedback or would like to provide this as a suggestion in StarCraft II, our General Discussion forums is the best place to provide this suggestion. Our StarCraft II actively check the general discussion for feedback and suggestions.