Starcraft 2 not optimized for new m1 Mac

Hello Blizzard,

I had come the realize World of Warcraft runs perfectly well with the new M1 Mac, but Starcraft 2 does not run well at all. The sound is very choppy and stutters it gets around 25 fps on medium settings and than to put it on lowest settings it barely reaches 60. The M1 Mac is able to run world of warcraft great but unable to do so on Starcraft 2. Please if possible I would like to request this game to be Optimized with the new M1 Mac as it has 8 CPU cores at 3.2 ghz, and 8 GPU at a total of 2.7 teraflops which should be sufficient to run and play Starcraft 2 smoothly.
It would greatly be appreciated.

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