Starcraft 2 Needs Offline Mod Support & Editor Changes

I love starcraft 2, love everything about it except for two things. One of them is the terrible fact that nobody can play custom games with extension mods/modded maps in offline mode.

This feature has to be implemented so that people like me and you (People don’t have internet on 24/7) can enjoy the features of offline play without our features being stunted because of the fact we like to play offline.

My second issue is with the Starcraft 2 editor. It’s downloads are very very slow when it comes to “Downloading Required Dependancy Files” and further more it has to repeat that action every time a patch or something new comes up which is highly annoying. It’s extremely difficult to make new units for that as well as the fact that it takes a rocket scientist just to make a new race.

Please try to resolve the editor repeating bug and fix the offline feature cuts.

I will be posting a copy of this directly to support.

Thank you for your time.