Spells not targeting while casting, and UI has a mind of its own! HELP

Glitching, being kicked from game, my character constantly saying that im not in range or im not connected to a target (I play Ret Paladin), i will cast my spells and then nothing will happen in game. And for the life of me i CANNOT stay connected to any target. I have to manually click constantly before every single thing i cast because the connection is constantly released and i have to be right on top of the enemy because my character is constantly saying “im not in range” even though I CLEARLY AM. And on top of all that in the middle of my games, my bars will move or disappear, or my character will just cast spells without anyone touching anything and all of the devices off/unhooked. I DONT KNOW WHERE ELSE TO TURN TO. HELP ME UNDERSTAND.
I have made sure that my connection was/is good, and it is. my software is up to date, i maade sure that the cache and cookies were all cleared out to make sure nothing was clogging up the connection, and after all that and restarting my computer, its still doing it. SOO i decided to delete EVERY SINGLE addd on that i had and ran the game without any to see if maybe that was the issue, and that was NOT the case. It was and is still doing this.

please explain what happened?/??
my game was working pristine until about 48-60 hours ago. Ive tried everything.
was an update put out that made it so we cant keep an enemy targeted? If not please explain to me how to fix this to make it go back to normal. Please explain to me how to make the glitches and the random casting of spells to stop so that i can actually play the game and enjoy it without getting frustrated because of something that i cannot control.