Someone please just help me get my account back

So here’s a basic rundown of what has happened until now.

I have a Korean battle net account as I had made it while I was in Korea, but I have moved to Australia for the past 4 years. When I try to log in to Battlenet, it says there is no account with the information that I put in, so I assume either my account is hacked or I forgot my password. The issue is, I cannot change my password as it asks me to verify a Korean phone number in order to change my password (which I do not have).

So I went to blizzard support with this issue, and they were actually pretty helpful and told me exactly what to do to fix it (open a support ticket with Blizzard Korea and ask them to show them my Korean ID and remove my account phone number, as they are the only ones that can do so). HOWEVER, I cannot physically open a ticket with Blizzard Korea, as for some reason it also prompts me to verify a Korean phone number to open a ticket. I do personally think this is more of an issue with Blizzard Korea than Blizzard US, but I literally cannot contact them so I’m making a post here.

So now I’m just stuck here with no account and as of now, no way to recover it. Can someone in the community (or a blizzard employee if they are reading this) somehow help me resolve this issue?