Someone changed my email and i cant recover it please help

Hello, recently my pc got compromised and got all my data stolen, and i didnt able to change my battle net pass in time, i thought it would be safe and they didnt get it but i just an email saying:

Hello Sifat#1108,

We wanted to let you know that some information was changed for your account:

Your account’s e-mail address has been updated.

If you recently made account changes, please disregard this message. However, if you did NOT make any changes to your account, we recommend you change your password and make appropriate corrections as soon as possible to ensure account security.

this is my new account i opened while trying to recover my old account, and i don’t want to expose my personal info either, somehow is possible to revert back to my old email? and recover it back? is there way to live chat with support? also my friends reporting my old account as hacked but they unfriend all my friends except one

First off, I want to say that it is possible that you still have malware or a virus on your computer. Download a virus and malware detector and have it clean out all of the dangerous files.

Then, contact blizzard support to help with recovering your account.

Yes, it is possible to revert your old email back to your old account. Again, contact blizzard support to help.

I am unsure if blizzard support has a live chat feature so you probably have to wait.