Someone being listed as AFK Mobile when... he's not

One of the few people I have on my friends list is my stepfather, who occasionally played World of Warcraft with my brother and I. He has been in the hospital since April 16, suffering from COVID-19. I myself have just gotten over a much milder case (which still highly sucked) over the past couple of weeks, and have only been playing again over the past few days.

Something I’ve been noticing, however: My stepfather is listed as being online via mobile, and as being away for the past month. The only problem with that is, the only mobile device he has with the app on it - and the authenticator as well - is his cell phone, which I believe is being held by the public safety officer (who handles patient valuables and the like) at the hospital, and after a month, the battery is most likely dead. Which begs the question… how is he online?